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Vacation Rentals for the win!

I cant wait until June, we are going to the lovely little vacation rental home we have been going to for about 5 years now – it’s in a gorgeous location and is really a beautiful little place for the money we pay. We booked it through Vacation and have never looked back – we always used to stay in hotels but vacation rentals are definitely much more suited to us.

Where was UNITARD all those years ago when we needed him? He’s a superhero who aims to tell people of the benefits of going for rentals instead of expensive hotels. Watch this funny vacation rental commercial featuring him here :)

I must remember

I must remember to charge my husband and I’s ipods before we go away in a few weeks time, the last time we went away I remembered to take them with us but failed to charge them first or take the charger – so they were totally useless. I then almost forgot to bring mine back as it had not been used, that would have been a disaster! Thankfully I remembered right at the last minute though :)

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